Successful British Democratic Party London Launch 30.05.13

london-meetAndrew Brons MEP, Julian Leppart, Sam Swerling and Adrian Davies spoke to a well-attended London regional launch meeting of the BDP at Dartford (yes, we do know that Dartford is just outside London, but the venue suited people coming from South Essex!) on Thursday night.

Sam Swerling, a former Conservative councillor and parliamentary candidate, and chairman of the influential right leaning Monday Club, outlined the ideological follies of the Cameron government, especially its foreign policy adventures, meddling in the affairs of independent, sovereign states and seeking the overthrow of governments that wished us no harm, but which our rulers seem intent on replacing with dangerous fundamentalists, who do wish us harm.

Julian Leppart, a former mayoral candidate for the BNP, emphasised the malign consequences of the disappearance of elected patriots from the council halls of London and its constituent boroughs. After three years of relative disengagement from politics, he was motivated to become involved again by his sense of outrage at the murder of a serving solider on the streets of Woolwich.

Adrian Davies said that the present divisions in patriotic ranks were not the consequence of deep ideological divisions, but rather of an unwillingness to accept one man’s arbitrary and capricious mismanagement, and a welcome acceptance amongst patriots of a need for financial transparency and internal democracy.

While the BDP could not promise instant results in a political climate dominated by the rise of UKIP, in this life things were rarely so good or so bad as they seem. Patriotic candidates willing to work hard at local level might yet hope for electoral success in local government elections, if not, perhaps, at higher levels for the time being. Over the next year or two, the BDP would lay down solid foundations for real growth in the future.

london-meet1Andrew Brons made a powerful and very well received speech, by no means without welcome touches of humour. He comprehensively demolished the pretensions of UKIP to be a patriotic party, while readily acknowledging that many patriots had flocked to its banner of late. While they would continue to do so in the short term, in the medium to long term, many would come to realise that Nigel Farrage does not have a genuinely patriotic agenda. For example, he only appears to oppose immigration from member states of the European Union, whereas most of the 500,000 or so immigrants who arrive in the United Kingdom each year are not from Europe, bu from Africa or Asia. We must prepare a successor party to UKIP that would one day win over those whom Mr Farrage flattered only in the end to deceive.

After Andrew had spoken, all present stood in a minute’s silence in memory of Drummer Lee Rigby.

After a short time for solemn reflection, a lively but good natured question and answer session followed, and all present had their say in the spirit of democracy and free debate that the BDP values and nurtures.

A collection raised the generous sum of £300, which has been paid into London regional funds.

If you live in the London area and wish to get involved contact Julian Leppert at: or phone 07929 294578


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  1. graeme sergeant says:

    The nationalist movement needs to start fighting elections at every level,we can build a nationalist party.Yet remember this Ukip are not a nationalist party,but an establishment party with ultra left and ultra right members with mass media support.I ran a successful BNP branch in Swale,yet we could only get 2 people to stand due to the medias smear campaign.Ukip thanks to the media can get people to stand where the media attacks right wing parties.
    We must start the British Democratic Branches,raise our funds and fight elections.The message must be UKIP are not the answer

  2. Lawrence Rustem says:

    Mo, I hear what you say and respect you’re wise word. But it’s easier said then done when you gave your whole life to the party. I was the one who engineered the party’s spectacular victory in Barking and Dagenham when we won 12 seats back in 2006. And what thanks did I get from Griffturd! None what so ever, that’s what. I’am 40 year old now without a job or a family whilst all those who reaped the rewards of my hard work are sitting at home with jobs and family’s. Of course I’m bitter, who wouldn’t be.

  3. john shaw says:

    You are so right James. We actually are what people THOUGHT they were voting for. ukip is a charade. When people realise that we are the decent party that is really against Europe and immigration and not pretending we will experience a boom for all our hard work. we must however actually do the work so order your leaflets today.

  4. JAMES PLATTEN says:

    UKIP are a right wing tory party and will do well on the short term but are not radical enough to sustain it.”Joe Public” is crying out for a more radical patriotic party and this is where the BDP on the long term could do well.

  5. Mo says:

    Laurence, you must get over this. We have lost a battle, not the first time an army was let down by their commanders, we will re-group, & fight on. So must you, revenge is sweet, we will have our revenge on Griffin, Jefferson, Darby, & all the other scumbags who betrayed us.
    We must feed on that, not let our bitterness eat the heart out of us.

  6. Jim Diggory says:

    Griffin will go down in nationalist history as its biggest villain. What is unforgivable is that he knows we are running out of time as a nation yet he consistently puts his own interest ahead of that of this country. In many ways he is worse than people like Blair and I sincerely hope that one day he will get everything he deserves. I feel embarrassed that I ever had any respect for him.

  7. Lawrence Rustem says:

    Mo, I feel it more then anyone. I gave my whole life to the party. There was a time that I would have gave my life for cyclops and for what! To be thrown aside, discarded like a used condom once I/we got him elected on to the Euro gravy train.
    Did you know that when I was at Greenwich University , I put my life on the line by going undercover and joining the reds so, I could relay information back to cyclops. I don’t mean to sound big headed here but, I genuinely believe I gave the most to the party and that, I’ve been treated the worst out the lot of us.

  8. john shaw says:

    It is great to see our most thoughtful political Website comments getting busy as I thought the old party website was great. However, it is a façade as behind it there is nothing but confusion and that was the least of it. After nearly ten years of having my heart broken , more by the sheer lack of ability than by election results , I resigned and joined the new BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY. As a nationalist of forty years my gut instinct tells me that the decent , hard working people on the steering committee will not let us down. Just send off for an information pack with the constitution and policy documents to see what I mean.

  9. Mike Newland says:

    Many of us like Lawrence spent years trying to build the BNP only to be knifed.

    I think people should bear in mind that success is often preceded in this world by disastrous failure. Failure often teaches one lessons which pave the way to success.

    The University of Hard Knocks is one of our top educators.

  10. Mo says:

    Laurence, we all feel the same. I myself feel absolutely gutted. Every night hubby & I drink a toast(curse if you like) to Griffin’s downfall. It seems to be working!
    We will rise again, Laurence, we’re not going away. History has not finished with us. ‘The English have not spoken yet’.

  11. Lawrence Rustem says:

    I don’t know how he can sleep at night. I gave my whole adult life to the party and then, I was cast aside like a used condom. I will never forgive Griffin for what he done to the BNP. It was my live, my family if you please, destroyed by cyclops.

  12. DavidM says:

    Congratulations to the BDP on a successful London meeting. Clearly the BDP is going to be something of a ‘long term’ project/work in progress. In continuing the thread developed by the above comments, I would say that I very much share the views of Lawrence Rustem albeit, I have ‘got over’ the bitterness about Griffin. The fact of the matter is, that in the here and now, UKIP are performing very well and actually stand candidates which people can vote for. The BDP do not and increasingly, the BNP is falling away in the electoral field. People want to vote against immigration and the European Union NOW, not in five or ten years time. What is also important ‘now’ is people’s perceptions and what they project onto UKIP in terms of their expectations of UKIP.. Whilst I do have confidence in their sincerity on their EU stance, they are going to disappoint hugely on immigration in due course, so I don’t believe we have much to fear. UKIP are NOT a nationalist party despite the media’s suggestion or description of them as such. We know that, but unfortunately it may take some time to disabuse others of that. However, in my view it is better to have UKIP than not have them. I have said this before but, it is worth repeating; They are an ‘agent of change’. They are breaking down the voters slavish adherence to the LibLabCon. For years the voters have been in thrall to LibLabCon rather like ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ when a captive approves of their kidnappers. Whilst they are not nationalists, they are operating on our turf and the issues are getting aired in the mainstream in a way they were not before. This has to be a good thing. In time, the BDP has the capacity to recruit ex-BNP members including those who drifted off to the ED’s and other outfits. They cannot join UKIP anyway because of UKIPs membership rules (and those who lie will soon get flushed out). In the meantime, it is worth supporting UKIP at the ballot box at least. Not to do so, would be akin to the monkey in the cage who reaches through the bars of the cage to grasp a handful of nuts but his fist is so full he cannot bring his hand back without dropping some of them, yet stubbornly refuses to do so!

  13. Mike Newland says:

    Humans can’t stand too much reality as TS Eliot is often quoted as writing.

    We’ve enjoyed the greatest period of prosperity and peace in our history since WWII. It’s unsurprising that people are reluctant to believe things won’t go on the same. The politicians will assure – for sure!

    There are two approaches to facing reality and trying to avoid future disaster. One is represented by UKIP – Dr Feelgood – easy but inadequate answers with little pain. The other is the nationalist movement – straight in your face with the ghastly truth which is often too much to bear.

    I don’t see them as competitors but as symbiotic. The facile approach helps to open minds to something more substantial. The double act works better than either on its own.

  14. Graham says:

    ” my burning hatred will always be reserved for Griffin. I hope the bastard dies in agony for he is a putrid example of puss ridden filth.”
    Lawrence cannot disagree with that statement!
    However you can be sure Griffins sleeps well at night ,we have to move on and not dwell on this individual who quite frankly is regarded as a nonentity these days ,on the other hand hate has a nasty habit of eating away at you .My advice to all the ex BNP on this site is “Pick yourself up ,dust yourself down and start allover again”

  15. Lawrence Rustem says:

    Graham, this is where you are mistaken. Honesty is NOT the most fundamental principle of politics. The most important principle is actually POWER. Obviously not for powers sake, that would be vacuous and superficial. Mo, I do not wish to quarrel with others and my burning hatred will always be reserved for Griffin. I hope the bastard dies in agony for he is a putrid example of puss ridden filth. I was in two minds about whether to go to the London launch (in Dartford, Kent:-) but in the end I declined. I’m in the EDs but I’ve recognised for sometime now that they are separtists which is not the nationalism that I support. If Julian wants help locally then I will leaflet or canvass for him. I would be highly suprised if UKIP fail to take parliamentary seats at the next Gen. Election.

  16. john shaw says:

    We know that U.K.I.P. are leading people down the garden path . However, we also know that when people voted for them in large numbers, from all walks of life, they THOUGHT they were voting against Europe and immigration at last . We must work hard now so that when they realise they were hoodwinked the decent BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY are there for them. They are so B.D.P.they just do not know it yet.

  17. Graham says:

    “What do you imagine is the most fundamental principle of politics”?
    HONESTY Lawrence is the fundamental principle something I have tried to keep true to for 40 odd years of involvement in Nationalist politics, unlike Mr Farage who is a blatant liar.
    Lawrence ,the failure of the BNP has not just affected you, we are all very disappointed but do not make the mistake of turning on your comrades save your anger for Griffin and co.

  18. Mo says:

    I see UKIP as not so much a political party as a mass movement of disaffected people desperately seeking an alternative to the criminals & traitors in power now.Having followed their progress over the years since their formation, I am of the opinion that there are too many internal contradictions for it to be able to hold together, & there will eventually be a split
    In the meantime perhaps we should view them as a wrecking ball which destroy the voting habits of the electorate.
    The BDP must endeavour to be organised nationally in order to offer a truly nationalist alternative when the time comes.
    To Laurence, I would say, you have worked tremendously hard in the past for nationalist principles, much appreciated by all, please don’t quarrel over points of order, we are after all on the same side. As a great man once said, “Put your faith in God, & keep your powder dry.”

  19. Paul says:

    Ukip remind me of the 1980s Conservative Party, pretend nationalists. Much of their stance on the EU is based on economic factors. I’m of the firm opinion that if the UK was 50 billion a year better off being in the EU, they would support it. I, like many others oppose the EU due to core ideological factors regardless of whether we are better off or not namely for legal and political independence.

  20. Paul says:

    Lawrence, Ukip are doing better than the BNP as they have greater access to media, far, far more money and not run by a clown like Nick Griffin. The public generally never liked him even when the BNP was polling well in Barking and Dagenham he BNP was poll popular than Nick Griffin. The membership of the BNP kept Griffin in power, and gave him more and failed to listen to what the public wanted, which was not Griffin led BNP.

    Ukip can’t stop immigration as they are backed by big businesses, multinationals and therefore will have to yield to what they want. These people support free movement of capital and with that comes the free movement of people.

    BNP type nationalism works if it is lead by someone decent that the public like. In France BNP type nationalism sells. Having spoken to people for years about politics 70% would support a party like the BNP, but many didn’t like the BNPs image and leader (the later two go hand in hand).

    Elections Ukip have polled a few 10-15% in parliamentary by-elections, but so have a real nationalist party before. Their current win ratio at local level is about 9% for example they recently got around 150 elected but they had to stand 1,700 to get them. The BNPs win ratio at local level during its prime was around 9% too, its just they stood far less candidates meaning less successes.

    On an important note where I live in the recent counties Ukip had less candidates than the BNP had in 2009 and their average vote in many of the wards was the same if not less than the BNP got in 2009 too.

    Politics is up and down; parties fortune changes every few years. We have had the BNP rise, and a Lib Dem surge due to Iraq before but look where they are now. Ukip won’t always surge they will lose support. Ukips leadership are not nationalists anyway. The reason Ukip can take advantage of the recent political climate is because they carried on during the baron years at local and parliamentary level and kept some form of organisation. The years when they polled 50 votes in most wards often compared to the BNPs 700-1000 or more.

    The problem is as soon a nationalist party polls badly those members run and largely varnish and then blame others. We had this in the 1980s and now post 2010 there can’t be a third time.

    Ukip have many policy problems but have a decent enough image, the BNP has better policies, but due to the Tyndall and Griffin years is now largely unelectable. A party with the polices of the BNP, with a decent normal, trustworthy person as a leader and a more UKIP image is my ideal. Maybe the British Democrats can build a sensible medium.

  21. Lawrence Rustem says:

    Well Adrian, UKIP seem to be doing a whole lot better on a local and parliamentary level than the BNP etc have ever achieved before. Locally UKIP succeeded in gaining more seats in one election than what the BNP achieved in 8 years of electoral growth. (Not that you had any hand in that of course)! How has Fararge lost his soul? And perhaps he’s a shrewder political operator than you give him credit for.
    Graham, Why on Earth? Well here’s the thing see. What do you imagine is the most fundamental principle of politics? I’ll await your response!!! Secondly, before any matter regarding immigration is addressed and dealt with. The first and most important action is to stop the damn thing. And if UKIP is able to place itself in a position whereby this can be accomplished then they should be supported. Afterall, when do suppose a BNP-type version of nationalism is going to be able to attract the kind of support that UKIP are in order to begin to deal with Britain’s problems?

  22. John Bean says:

    There are two good points about Nigel Farage which get my support. 1. He appreciates real ale (as opposed to tasteless lager). 2. He can resort to a wonderful terminology when putting down the petty Napoleons of Brussels. Can’t think of anything else, which is why I support the British Democrats.
    Lawrence: you had a good record for nationalist activity. Don’t lose it by being bamboozled by UKIP’s current fair wind. Take on board what Adrian Davies and Graham are telling you.

  23. Graham says:

    Lawrence ,why on earth would any decent minded person even consider congratulating Farage and his pseudo Nationalist Party . Ukip has been built on lies and deceit something we the long suffering British electorate have had to endure for neigh on 60 odd years .Andrew has every right to point his finger and accuse, the British public are being” led down the garden path ” and in my humble opinion a vote for UKIP is a vote for more of the same, God help us.

  24. Lawrence Rustem says:

    Re: Nigel Farage, maybe Andrew brons hasn’t quite grasped the intricate political game that is being played out regarding immigration. By pointing the finger at Eastern European immigration it deflects accusations from the media that may be levelled at him and UKIP should he start making noises about non-EU immigration. I would also surmise that there would be fewer invites onto Question Time. Sounder political perceptions have perhaps passed Andrew Brons by quite some time ago. Rather than jealously sneering at UKIP, maybe they should be congratulated for the advances that they have recently made!!!

    • Adrian Davies says:

      Lawrence, you rather give the impression of sneering yourself! On your reasoning, we should never depart in public from the prevailing liberal consensus, and should esteem (short term) success over adherence to principle. I beg to differ. “For what doth it profit a man, if he gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his own soul?” Mr Farrage has yet to gain one Westminster seat, never mind the world. I am no more jealous of him, than I am of David Cameron.

  25. Jim Diggory says:

    Good to see the BDP off the ground in London. With the BNP tarnished beyond redemption we need a new nationalist force.

  26. Charlotte Lewis says:

    Good meeting.

  27. Mo says:

    Very encouraging. I do agree with what you say about N.Farage. Something else needs to be there, to take this mass movement that much further, as it may be the case that the brakes will be applied at some point.
    Is it likely that if that happens that people will just meekly go back to the old, worn out parties with their tails between their legs? I think not – I pray not.

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