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Homelands For World’s Main Races   John Bean says   The political establishment contends that one of the main reasons why Britain cannot stop all Afro-Asian immigration is that it  would cause our NHS to collapse. All parties say that such is the shortage of nursing staff and junior doctors that we need to import them from India, Africa and the Philippines.
Referendum on EU Austerity demands threatened by Greek Government Greece rejects EU austerity proposals Greece to hold snap referendum on July 5 How would a Greek default affect Britain? It is widely reported that the Greek Government has rejected EU austerity proposals necessary to satisfy the criteria for the release of EU funding to enable it to repay the 1.
Notice of Nominations to National Executive Council In line with the democratic principals of the Party there are ten vacancies up for election to the National Executive Council (NEC)   The NEC has final say and responsibility for national election strategy, campaigns, the website, social media, accounts, and the day to day say on how the Party is run.
English Separatism Failed Electorally (Again!) By Elections Officer   The SNP took 56 of the 59 seats available in the General Election. They have over 100,000 members and in the General Election took 50% of the total vote.  The English Democrats are 13 years old having been founded by Robin Tillbrook who owns and banks rolls the Party, and it appears is its permanent leader.
Homo Sapiens or Homo Obsequens - Wise Man or Conformist Man   by Andrew Brons When anthropologists chose the name Homo Sapiens - wise man - for our species, they showed that they were not dispassionate observers. Whilst Homo Sapiens undoubtedly had rather greater intellectual ability than his predecessors, those predecessors were not exactly threatening competitors.
European Solidarity John Bean comments on: European Solidarity The British Democratic Party makes it clear in its policy statement that we should  withdraw from the EU – which is also my view.  Unlike all other British and English nationalist parties or movements, the BDP is not a narrow insular party.
Birth rates and the environment Birth rates and the environment   We extend our concern for the indigenous British people to the welfare of the environment of our national homeland, the British Isles. We regard the principal threat to our environment as lying in the excessive and ever rising overcrowding of our islands. Our homeland is not just full up. It is bursting at the seams.
The Liberal Mind: a suitable case for analysis Dr James Lewthwaite speaking at the Yorkshire Forum - 23 May 2015 Dr James Lewthwaite was a university lecturer in archaeology until he decided to exercise his democratic right as a freeborn Englishman and engage in the democratic process and stand as a candidate in a general election for a perfectly legal patriotic democratic political party. In so doing he had committed no crime.
The British Police State and Electronic Surveillance    By Sean Gabb   At the beginning of April 2012, the BBC and a couple of newspapers reported that the British Government was considering a new surveillance law. This would allow it to monitor the telephone calls, text messages, e-mails and website visits of everyone in the United Kingdom.
Nationalist Politics; Where Do We Go From Here? Andrew Brons speaking at the Yorkshire Forum - 23 May 2015 Andrew Brons was one of the two representatives that were elected to The European Parliament for the British National Party. However most of the limelight was taken by his BNP colleague - Nick Griffin.
Net immigration to UK From the BBC and Office for National Statistics 'Net migration to the UK reached 318,000 last year - the highest total for a decade, new figures show. The Office for National Statistics said this was up by more than 109,000 from 2013 and close to 2005's all-time high. There were increases in both EU and non-EU migration, with 641,000 people moving to the UK in 2014.
The Disconnect Between White Voters and UKIP’s Leadership Jane Edwards gives a synopsis of a speech given by Jack Sen at a recent meeting of the London Forum. He was a  former UKIP candidate for West Lancashire at April’s Parliamentary election but was expelled by Farage for his views.
BNP - The Electoral Death of a Cult? By Elections Officer The BNP was founded in 1982 and led by John Tyndall under his leadership the BNP achieved nothing, bar one councillor when Derek Breackon was elected in the Isle of Dogs in 1993.
Party Launches Improved Facebook page The Party has set-up a new, more modern and professional looking Facebook page. The plan by the Party is to embrace social media much more. Moreover, advertise our Party and movement to the widest possible audience.
Join the Fightback! By Elections Officer   In recent local election the Party polled a respectable 10% plus results in two Leicestershire seats and in Pendle. Graham Partner polled the highest percentage at 12.7% in Hugglescote St Johns. Our three candidates in Thurmaston polled an average of 11.5% and Gary Topping polled over 10% in Waterside ward in Pendle.

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