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Nationalist Politics; Where Do We Go From Here? Andrew Brons speaking at the Yorkshire Forum - 23 May 2015 Andrew Brons was one of the two representatives that were elected to The European Parliament for the British National Party. However most of the limelight was taken by his BNP colleague - Nick Griffin.
Net immigration to UK From the BBC and Office for National Statistics 'Net migration to the UK reached 318,000 last year - the highest total for a decade, new figures show. The Office for National Statistics said this was up by more than 109,000 from 2013 and close to 2005's all-time high. There were increases in both EU and non-EU migration, with 641,000 people moving to the UK in 2014.
The Disconnect Between White Voters and UKIP’s Leadership Jane Edwards gives a synopsis of a speech given by Jack Sen at a recent meeting of the London Forum. He was a  former UKIP candidate for West Lancashire at April’s Parliamentary election but was expelled by Farage for his views.
BNP - The Electoral Death of a Cult? By Elections Officer The BNP was founded in 1982 and led by John Tyndall under his leadership the BNP achieved nothing, bar one councillor when Derek Breackon was elected in the Isle of Dogs in 1993.
Party Launches Improved Facebook page The Party has set-up a new, more modern and professional looking Facebook page. The plan by the Party is to embrace social media much more. Moreover, advertise our Party and movement to the widest possible audience.
Join the Fightback! By Elections Officer   In recent local election the Party polled a respectable 10% plus results in two Leicestershire seats and in Pendle. Graham Partner polled the highest percentage at 12.7% in Hugglescote St Johns. Our three candidates in Thurmaston polled an average of 11.5% and Gary Topping polled over 10% in Waterside ward in Pendle.
A modern Classic of Extreme Right Fiction Old hands of the radical right who visit this site will know of Searchlight magazine. It has been running for fifty years on and off and since 1975 under the editorship of a now elderly Jewish Marxist, Gerry Gable.
Election Results General Election   Bradford East - 210 votes 0.5%       Local Elections     Thurmaston, Charnwood  - (Average 11.
The Waterside Ward - Pendle Borough Council - Election Result The Waterside Ward,Pendle Borough Council election result is as listed, with the 2014 non GE election year result in brackets the bracketed figure is more the norm.
Leicestershire Campaign Report By Leicestershire Correspondent Loughborough Ashby, Charnwood Thurmaston, Charnwood Hugglescoate, North West Leicestershire   Over the last few weeks we have been campaigning in the above wards and we wish all our candidates good luck. It takes a lot to stand for election especially for a small, but growing party.

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