Working to Save Britain's Future

Kevan Stafford - Loughborough, Ashby Ward   Kevan Stafford will be representing the Party in Ashby Ward in Loughborough on 7th May.   The big local issue is a ghastly plan to build 3,000 homes (as a result of mass immigration) on green fields on Garendon Park, next to where the historic Temple of Venus sits.
Dutch Party of Freedom MP calls for removal of all mosques in Netherlands Recent integration (or lack of) development in the Netherlands   Extract quoted from Hurriyet Daily News   "A Dutch right-wing political party has demanded Netherlands be cleared of mosques, amid an ongoing row over the integration of Muslim and Turkish minorities in the country.
Immigration and the Labour Party A radical demographic shift means that the non-British vote may determine the outcome of the May's General Election.   A study by Operation Black Vote (OBV) found the number of seats where black and Asian voters could decide the outcome had rocketed by 70% compared with the 2010 General Election.
We Must Protect OUR Freedoms The Human Rights Act (a codification of the European Convention on Human Rights) would need to be repealed and replaced by a British Fundamental Freedoms Act that would concentrate on the freedoms essential to a democratic and civilised society.
Party announces local candidates We wish them good luck on May 7th!   Wyke (Bradford) - Liam Kernaghan   Thurmaston (Charnwood)- Julia Green Thurmaston  (Charnwood)- Paul Newman Thurmaston (Charnwood)- Chris Canham Ashby, Loughborough (Charnwood) - Kevan Stafford Hugglescote St Johns (NW Leicestershire) - Graham Partner   Waterside (Pendle) - Gary Topping &nbs...
Jim Lewthwaite - Parliamentary Candidate for Bradford East By Elections Officer The Party will be making a representation in the forthcoming GE in Bradford. We are pleased to announce that Jim Lewthwaite is our parliamentary Candidate for Bradford East. This is a good opportunity to grow the Party in Bradford and the surrounding areas.
Islamic religion increasing at twice that of the world population  By Helen Foster Islam will be the only major religion to increase faster than the world’s population  over the next 50 years.   The religion's share of the world’s population will equal the Christian share - at roughly 32 per cent each - in 2070, analysis by the Pew Research Center showed.
Football Needs More English Players John Bean says Football Needs More English Players Last year England’s football team suffered the indignity of being sent home after the first round. This year no Premier League side is represented in the last eight of the European Champions League the same story in 2014.
Our System of Government We support the system of Constitutional Monarchy and believe that the person who succeeds by law to be our monarch should occupy the position of Head of State of the United Kingdom. The monarch must, of course, be capable of resisting attempts by party politicians to use the monarchy for its own purposes.
Where we Stand on the Economy  We believe in private enterprise but we do not subscribe to the view that there should be no economic regulation by the state. We would pursue a policy of Economic Nationalism.   In particular, we do not believe in unrestricted international trade, when it has plainly destroyed much of our manufacturing industry.

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