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Migration Crisis = European Death WishBy Hogarth   In 1973, French author Jean Raspail published his controversial and remarkably prescient novel, The Camp of the Saints, which became a bestseller.  It described how the Third World burst its banks and how its people headed, en masse, towards Europe – a civilisation of milk and honey.
The deepening crisis in ZimbabweWe repeat below an article which depicts the latest situation in Zimbabwe, with suitable comment beneath: ECONOMIST Eddie Cross has claimed that the tightening economic situation in Zimbabwe has triggered a mass exodus of Zimbabweans into South Africa.
Message From Our New Chairman - Andrew BronsDear fellow Nationalist As you might have heard, I have been conscripted .....sorry elected....  as Chairman by the unanimous decision of my colleagues on the new National Executive Council. For a nano-second I might have thought that my colleagues were overwhelmed by my oratorical skills, the depth of my political insight or at least by my film star good looks and trim outline.
Human Wave of Migrants Surging Across the EU Greece has been overwhelmed by an influx of migrants reaching its islands from Turkey. Thousands of migrants from the Middle East, Asia and Africa crossed on foot In a human wave surging through the Balkans from Greece travelling through Macedonia into Serbia on their way to Western Europe, it was reported today.
UK population increases by 500,000 to 64.6 million By Leicestershire Correspondent   Alarmingly, the UK population grew by almost half a million last year to 64,596,800, according to figures from the Office for National Statistics   Net immigration to UK reached 318,000 in 2014, just below all-time peak in 2005 under Labour, with immigration from outside Europe rising strongly as within.
Withdraw the Navy’s Immigrant Service in the Med By Jane Edwards   For many Britons the full extent of the Afro-Asian invasion of Europe – with the UK  being the top target -  has only been appreciated by the high summer attempts of several thousand would-be migrants to storm through the Channel Tunnel.
National Executive Council Election Results By Adrian Davies (Returning Officer) As returning officer, I am pleased to announce the results of the elections to the national executive council of the British Democratic Party.
Unionism strong as ever in Northern Ireland. Over the last decade there has been a substantial move from Labour and the Lib Dems to the separatist and Marxist SNP in Scotland. However, it appears such moves have not been replicated in other parts of the UK. For example, Northern Ireland.   A poll strongly indicates voters in Northern Ireland would reject a united Ireland in a border poll.
Marxist Jeremy Corbyn next Labour leader? By Leicestershire Correspondent   A surge in support for Jeremy Corbyn has seen him topping Labour CLP nominations and he is now installed as favourite to be next Labour leader. He was previously rank outsider at odds of 200/1 and had to gain support of Blairite MPs to even get on the ballot.
BBC Presenter sacked because she’s ‘too blond’ Report by John Bean   My wife (who was brought up on a farm) and I were regular watchers of BBC’s Country File programme. I was particularly keen to see the programme on July 19th as it featured Northumberland, where many of my ancestors came from.
French National Front leader Marine Le Pen forms a political group in the European Parliament In the European Parliament a group has to have at least 25 deputies from at least 7 EU countries as members in order to be registered. The new Front National led anti-EU Europe of Nations and Freedom bloc, includes Italy's Northern League and the Freedom Party of Dutch politician Geert Wilders.
How Not To Withdraw From The Euro-Zone   By Andrew Brons Greece, its people and its Government are a conundrum indeed. When the Syriza Government was elected, it was on a platform of fighting the austerity measures that were being imposed on the Greek people by the Euro-crats as a condition for further 'support' - if  'support' is not a misleading term in the circumstances.
The Contexts of Politics   by Andrew Brons There are many who profess an interest in Politics but who see it as a process isolated from others - something that can be studied separately. We might define Politics as a process - perhaps the process - of acquiring, retaining or losing power and influence in the state.
Homelands For World’s Main Races   John Bean says   The political establishment contends that one of the main reasons why Britain cannot stop all Afro-Asian immigration is that it  would cause our NHS to collapse. All parties say that such is the shortage of nursing staff and junior doctors that we need to import them from India, Africa and the Philippines.
Referendum on EU Austerity demands threatened by Greek Government Greece rejects EU austerity proposals Greece to hold snap referendum on July 5 How would a Greek default affect Britain? It is widely reported that the Greek Government has rejected EU austerity proposals necessary to satisfy the criteria for the release of EU funding to enable it to repay the 1.

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