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Where we Stand on the Economy  We believe in private enterprise but we do not subscribe to the view that there should be no economic regulation by the state. We would pursue a policy of Economic Nationalism.   In particular, we do not believe in unrestricted international trade, when it has plainly destroyed much of our manufacturing industry.
Where we Stand on the EU We cannot tolerate membership of an international organisation that can legislate for the United Kingdom directly (in the case of regulations) and indirectly (in the case of directives). Still less can we accept that EU legislation takes precedence over our Common Law and Acts of Parliament.
Essex Organiser Announced The Party is pleased to announce that we have appointed a new organiser for Essex.   Sam Mayhew joins us and has been appointed Party organiser for Essex. He was formerly the organiser for the British National Party in Thurrock up until 2013.   The area includes former patriotic strong holds of Thurrock, Basildon and Southend.
Wind Power Rip-off A view from Jane Edwards   Wind power and large scale solar energy panels, which dominate many fields which should be returned to agricultural production, is costing electricity consumers £214 a year in subsidies. This was revealed in a report just published by the Centre for Policy Studies.
Number of ‘Muslim’ children in Britain doubles in a decade - Islamification of the UK grows Study shows number of children under five being brought up as Muslim rose 80 per cent in a decade. 1 in 12 overall are now Muslim.  Worried! Read below:   At a time when the wider population is ageing rapidly, half of British Muslims are under the age of 25 and a third are under 15.   Muslims have grown to 2.7 million in a decade. That is up from just under 1.
Improving Party Structure - Group Development To improve Party structure nationally Liam Kernaghan is the Party 'Acting Group Development Contact' to help facilitate the appointment and growth of organisers and contacts nationally.   Further Liam, is helping to organise activities in West Yorkshire, with a focus on Wakefield and Bradford coming up to May.
Bulletin - online version Dear Patriot,   OUR NATION IS IN TROUBLE AND WE ARE IN GRAVE DANGER! PLEASE READ AND WE MUST STICK TOGETHER IN THESE TOUGH TIMES.   According to the 2011 Census, a staggering 8,750,000 people of south Asian background now live in Britain and make up almost 14% of the total population! One in seven UK citizens are of Asian ethnicity.
50,000 A4 colour campaign leaflets printedBy Leicestershire Correspondent Recently the Party printed 40,000 leaflets to sow the seeds of growth in different regions. As I write the Party has earmarked; Bradford, Wakefield, Thurrock, London, Leicestershire, parts of the West Midlands, Dorset, and hopefully the parts of the South East soon for many of these, in fact leaflets are already going out as in different locations.
Farage Welcomes Immigration John Bean says Farage Welcomes Immigration There’s a new look among British Democrats this year.
Successful Leicestershire Action Day By Leicestershire Correspondent On an overcast Saturday 28th February people from London, Essex, Leicester and Yorkshire, including Andrew Brons centre of photo undertook an action day in north Leicestershire in a key area where there has always been a strong patriotic vote.

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